Your American voice over talent for global media

Looking for that friendly and conversational American guy-next-door voice? Need an American voice over talent for your international market audiences? In addition, wouldn’t it be great if the talent delivers quick turnaround of broadcast quality audio, and can work with syncing to video in several different languages? Then you’ve found your guy! With an international, neutral-accent American English voice. The kind of voice some call ‘Mid-Atlantic’, you’ve found the voice for your global media. I look forward to working for you on your next project. You can read my resume here.

A professional from both sides of the VO booth

I’ve been a full time voice actor for over 12 years. Before that I was an audio engineer for film, television, and voice overs. As a result, I understand the production chain and what you need from your professional voice talent. You want quick turnaround and lasting results. Most of all, consistency matters. If you need even just a line changed a year from now, I will match it perfectly for you. If you have a large e Learning narration, I will deliver the same precision and energy on slide 100 as on the introduction.

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