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Script Timer Voice Over Calculator

How Long is My Voice Over Script?

Clients often ask, “how long should a voice over script be?” Check out the Script Timer Voice Over Calculator above! My experience in post-production and as a voice talent taught me that for long-form narrations one should figure around 140 words per minute of script. However, This number can go as low as 130 wpm if you have a lot of time for graphics and transitions in your video. Or, it can go as high as 160-170 wpm if you want the script to go very fast. I wouldn’t recommend such a pace for more than five minutes, or the audience will face “listening fatigue“. On the other hand, Broadcast commercials are lightning-quick, and 180 wpm and higher are often typical, especially for hard-sell spots. Enter your script word count and desired pace of 140, 160, or 180 words-per-minute in the calculator above.

Script Voice Over Timer

Here’s a handy script timer or word-per-minute timer spreadsheet for voice over scripts. Choose the pace or style of narration you need in the left column, and then find how that translates into a real-world timed count in the right columns. For your convenience, you can download the .pdf here for the Script Timer Voice Over Calculator.

Voice Over Script Timer


Remember, you can always manually enter your script length into a calculator by entering the word-length of your script and then divide by:

130 for a slow pace with extra pauses

140 for a normal narration pace

150 or 160 for an uptempo conversational pace

170 or 180 (or higher) for a fast, commercial pace.

Your answer will be how many minutes your voice over will be. This is a crucial calculation to make in pre-production to avoid over and under-estimations. You can’t fix that in the mix! Even doing a ‘scratch track’ ahead of time usually comes off rushed and without the correct pacing. Always keep the Script Timer Voice Over Calculator guidelines in mind.

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