American Voice Over Actor Lance Blair 

Hi, I’m American voice over actor Lance Blair. My voice is engaging, friendly, and clear. As a result, it’s especially suited for international market audiences . In addition, I am an experienced narrator for eLearning courses and corporate videos. View my rate guide for TV, Radio, and non-Broadcast voice over here.  I deliver quick turnaround with lasting results. Even syncing to video in several different languages is no problem. Connect with me to work for you on your next video project. You can make Live Direction to my personal professional voice over studio. I’m available by Source-Connect, Skype, and Phone Patch. It’s been my pleasure to work for my clients around the world as their American voice over actor. I look forward to working with you.

Professional voice overs from both sides of the booth

I’ve been a full time American voice over actor for over 15 years. Previously, I was an audio engineer for film, television, and voice overs. And consequently it’s been a rewarding journey. So I understand the production chain and what you need from your professional American voiceover actor. Moreover, consistency matters. For example, if you need even just one line of a script revised a year from now, I will match it perfectly for you. With this in mind, If you have a large eLearning narration, find out how long it is with my script calculator here. Above all, I guarantee the same precision and energy on slide 100 as on the introduction. Additionally, for info on my voice over experience please read my resume .

Voice Over Studio Equipment

My personal voice over studio is treated chiefly with acoustic panels and bass traps from GIK Acoustics. I record and edit with REAPER DAW on a 2018 iMac. I use a range of Rode Mics for different types of voice overs: specifically, the Rode NTG3, NT1, and Procaster. Preamps and audio interface are by Solid State Logic and Golden Age. My Source-Connect Standard username is lanceblair. My American voice over actor studio is in Atlanta, Georgia, which is in the EST/New York City time zone. Contact me in the form below with your project details today. Thank you!

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