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E Learning Voice Over Demo

Nobody is Getting Rich Producing E Learning Voice Over Demos

If you run a search for E Learning Voice Over Demo Production/Producer you probably won’t find what you’re looking for. Oh, there are all kinds of terrific producers for hire that help voice over talents develop sensational demo reels. However, they are for Commercial and Promo Demos that have many fast moving clips of 3 to 10 seconds. They’re dramatic, and have lots of music, sound effects, and audio processing.

None of that applies when it comes to an E Learning Voice Over Demo. The clips should each be at least 10 seconds long to show the ability to carry a narrative. There should be no music or sound effects, unless they’re from actual client finished-program audio: and even then, it can distract from the voice over. As for audio processing, a voice over talent ideally should have excellent audio as-is with minimal processing.  The studio should have an extremely low noise floor, with great acoustic treatment minimizing any early or late reflections. So how does one make an E Learning Demo that is exciting for the prospective client? That is what really matters.

An E Learning Voice Over Demo is Like All Demos, Without the Bells and Whistles

The truth is, the same rules apply for curating an E Learning Voice Over Demo as for a Commercial or Promo demo. That is, all voice over demos need to show talent performing all the different major styles and categories of the genre. My Commercial Demo for example has bank, toy, car, food, sport, and retail spots. In addition, these categories of spots are performed in different styles. They are “guy next door”, “wholesome dad”, “comic character”, “upbeat announcer”, “dramatic gravitas”, and “confident announcer” in tone. I produced my E Learning Demo editing together clips from actual E Learning projects I’ve worked on in the past year. The clips are:

  • Friendly Peer for a Financial Institution
  • Conversational Expert for Safety Training
  • Instructional Voice for explaining Training Navigation
  • Engaging Coach Character for Gamification
  • Knowledgeable Peer for Technical Training
  • Reassuring Peer for Introductions and Closing Reviews

It’s no sexy sizzle reel, but making effective E Learning programs are an art, and an effective E Learning Voice Over Demo shows that your voice over production services contribute and add to that art. And that’s sexy.




  1. Superb commentary on demos, Lance! I’ve been thinking about this myself lately. I made my own demos up until a couple of years ago. Frankly, I didn’t have the dough to have someone else do it for me! When I could afford it, I worked with Tim Keenan at Creative Media. He’s been a client for some time now and I thought hey, he records and produces this stuff all the time and probably knows a thing or two and knows what the corporate folks are looking for. Turns out I was right! Great dude, superb director, not at all a “Hollywood” personality, and it was an opportunity to reciprocate with someone who has hired me. Hiring the people who hire us as voice talents…there’s an idea! 🙂 Definitely a win-win. No joke, I book off my demos weekly. No audition required.

    Keep up the great work here on your blog! Blessings!

    • lanceblair says:

      Hi Anthony! Thank you and I’m happy to hear things went great with Tim. I didn’t realize this was a specialty of his. Nice job on your demo!

  2. Thanks for this post, Lance. I agree that eLearning demos are in a class unto themselves! For years, I used a self-produced eLearning demo featuring past projects that showed some range and was fairly dry (to demonstrate the quality of my studio). However, after working with Tim Keenan at Creative Media Recording on some eLearning modules, I decided to ask him to produce a new one for me. Tim isn’t a “traditional” demo producer, but because he works in the genre daily, he understands what corporate and learning clients are actually looking for when casting projects. The demo alternates between selections with music beds and dry segments. I sent the new demo to my existing clients, and they loved it. It was like giving them a glimpse at all the other things I can do that weren’t on my original demo or among the projects I’d booked with them. It’s so new, I don’t even have it on my website yet, but here it is on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/sybiljohnson/sybil-johnson-elearning-demo-2019 (My old one is posted there, too, for comparison.) All that to say, as we grow in our skills, sometimes it can elevate our game to work with experts in the industry to create demos that appeal to clients in ways only an eLearning producer can see. Good luck to you!

    • lanceblair says:

      Hi Sybil, I actually really like your older demo! But the new one is very good too – but I feel like this is over-produced. This sounds almost like a corporate demo to me. In your older demo you sound like you are engaging and teaching, this feels, well, corporate, and that’s not your fault. I love the subtle touch of the wine glass ring and then discussing the wine in the older demo. I don’t know why Tim faded you asking the question in the first clip. That’s one of the most important things in an E-Learning Demo! Showing how you can effectively raise questions. I would have shortened the list of items, and then let you ask the question. Thank you for sharing this and I wish you success – I like your work!

  3. Leigh Laird says:

    Thanks for this great read Lance. It’s a helpful and timely word, especially since there IS so much emphasis placed on the Commercial demo, yet E-learning is HUGE and the bread-and-butter for many VO artists. I worked with Tim Keenan, owner of Creative Media Recording for my E-learning demo. He serves numerous corporate clients in his studio and produces excellent E-learning demos because he knows exactly what corporate clients are looking for. All of the elements that you highlighted in your blog, Tim does to perfection. For VO talent seeking to get an E-learning demo, it’s essential to work with a producer who has a wealth of experience working with corporate clients; Tim’s E-learning demos get the talent work!

    • lanceblair says:

      Hi Leigh, thank you for your comment. I know Tim Keenan and that he does great work, but I didn’t realize that he does E-Learning Demos. He doesn’t come up in any searches for that. I suppose he’s getting plenty of referrals based on word of mouth and his reputation. Glad you had a great experience with him.

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