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What is Voiceover Localization?

What is Voiceover Localization?

Voiceover Localization is More than Dubbing What is Voiceover Localization? Isn’t it just “dubbing” into another language? Not quite: it’s dubbing with strategic marketing purpose in mind. Voiceover localization is the process of adapting voiceovers to make them more appealing and understandable to a target audience in a specific country or region. This involves translating …

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Best eLearning Voiceover Recording Tips

Best eLearning Voice Over Recording Tips

Best eLearning Voice Over Recording Tips Today we are going to go over the best eLearning voice over recording tips covering these three areas: acoustics, equipment, and EQ processing. We will especially keep in mind how to handle longer programs over a half an hour in length. With such modules, one would want to use …

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E-Learning Voice Over Demos

E-Learning Voice Over Demos

Producing E-Learning Voice Over Demos If you run a search for “E-Learning Voice Over Demos Production or Producer” you probably won’t find what you’re looking for. Oh, there are all kinds of terrific producers for hire that help voice over talents develop sensational demo reels. However, they usually are for Commercial and Promo Demos that …

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