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AI Voiceovers

AI Voiceovers: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Them!

I’m not worried about how AI voiceovers affect the Voiceover Industry. Yet. Bing and Google rushed out their AI projects and they are not ready for prime-time. The answers and content they provide are all non-committal. Relying on phrases such as “can be” “could be” “should be” excessively. Intelligence, and voice overs, are about making … Read more

Home Voice Over Studio

Home Voice Over Studio Acoustics and Equipment

Home Voice Over Studio Part One: The Set-Up Let’s keep this simple: you want to set up a home voice over studio with a low noise floor. Also, how to do you re-create the quality audio sound you have at professional studios in your home environment? Studios have a high-end production signal chain from your … Read more

Voice Over Blog and Links Hall of Fame

Voiceover Blog and Links Hall of Fame

Welcome the the Voiceover Blog and Links Hall of Fame. Tired of social media platforms? Miss news readers and active forums? Want to get right to the source with some of the best quality content out there related to voice over recording and production? Tired of foodie and cat lover pics on Instagram? Then you … Read more

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