Using AI to Write Voice-Over Scripts

Using AI to Write Voice-Over Scripts

Whether you want to create 100% AI-written content based on established keystone content, or use AI as part of the creative process of your team, there are several ways to use AI technology to help write voice-over scripts. Here are a few examples:

Making AI Part of Your Creative Process

  • First, use AI to generate ideas for voice-over scripts. By feeding AI keywords and phrases related to the topic of the script, AI will generate a list of possible ideas. This is a great way to get started on a voice-over script, especially when you’re feeling stuck. There are also helpful free AI tools like Answer the Public that can recommend what people are searching for online regarding a certain topic.
  • Second, let AI write the actual text of the voice-over script, or at least an approval draft. You can do this by giving AI a set of instructions. This can include the length of the script, the target audience, and the tone of voice Then your team can refine the tone and message of the script manually. Doing this even as just an exercise helps you realize what questions you want your script to answer.
  • Third, AI will help with editing and refining voice-over scripts. Have AI read the script aloud and identify any areas that need improvement before giving it to your professional human voice over talent. It will save a lot of time in the recording session, leading to better performances. And that makes you look better! AI can also be used to make suggestions for changes to the script. It can add or remove words, change the order of sentences, or improve the flow of the text.
  • Related to that it the fourth point. Submitting your text to a basic AI Voice generator, such as the one at, will help to see how long your voice-over will be. Then you can adjust the script or pace of your video accordingly. To supplement this, you can also manually use a Voice-Over Script Timer chart such as the one I made for this site.

AI Helps Your Script Writing

Overall, AI technology can be a valuable tool for anyone who wants to write voice-over scripts. By using AI, you can save time and effort to create a quality draft or finished product. That will help you and your team focus on producing high-quality scripts that engage your audience. Here are some additional tips for using AI for writing voice-over scripts:

  • Be clear about your goals. What do you want to achieve with your voice-over script? Are you trying to inform, educate, persuade, or entertain? Once you know your goals, you can start to brainstorm ideas and develop a storyboard.
  • Use a variety of voices. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different voices and tones. The right voice can make all the difference in the impact of your script. And know that when you use a real human voice-over talent, they will be able to transition between the tones effectively.
  • Keep it short and sweet. People have shorter and shorter attention spans. It is important to keep your scripts to the point. Aim for a script that is no more than two minutes long. Unless of course, it is an eLearning program, a video game, or a documentary!
  • Use humor and/or emotion. Humor and emotion, even if it’s very subtle, can help to connect with your audience and make your script more memorable.

What is it like Working with AI Scripts?

Full Disclosure: up to this point in the text, I wrote this blog post using Google’s Bard AI to find the right questions I wanted to answer. Then I re-arranged the paragraphs, and added and edited the bullet-points. I changed the vast majority of the verbs in the text. AI tends to use a passive voice and is often non-committal. AI at this stage will produce many lengthy/run-on sentences. Ironically, I had to edit down the bullet-point “Keep it short and sweet” since the original AI text was not short and sweet.

Did AI save me time, which gave me time to hone down the text to what I really wanted to say? Yes. Did it inspire me to write some things I wouldn’t have written otherwise? Absolutely. I hope you will enjoy using AI for your voice-over scripts as much as I enjoyed writing and sharing this with you. And I look forward collaborating with you to bring my human voice to your AI-written voice-over script.

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