Voiceover Branding Lance Blair

New Voiceover Branding for Voice Actor Lance Blair

New Voiceover Branding for Voice Actor Lance Blair

You may have noticed that things look a lot different here thanks to my new voiceover branding. For 20 years I have been a full-time voiceover actor. Every five years or so I like to refresh my voiceover branding to reflect who I am, as I grow and learn new things. In turn, this is also a reflection of who I am as a voiceover actor. Let’s dive in to how the changes affect the Brand Persona of my Brand Strategy in terms of Brand Personality, Voice, and Tagline. Also, how these changes are influenced by wider trends.

Voiceover Brand Personality

My voiceover branding personality is now less corporate and less slick. It is warmer, with more playful colors (more on that in the Brand Voice section). The previous logo is updated. The toggle now has 3D shading, and the waveform on the button is less symmetrical, and looks more like a voiceover waveform. What does this logo imply? It says that you can make the choice to “Change Your Narrative” and go with a trusted human partner for your voiceovers. It’s as easy as selecting a default on your phone. It implies that working with me is easier overall than working with AI voices for lasting results.

Generational Colors for Branding Voice

In the past my branding for voiceover had conservative Gen X colors. Muted earth tones, bold dark blue and red shades. Branding shouldn’t just reflect who you are but who the clients and end users are. My new colors twist the previous blues, blacks, and reds into colors that are more in line with the generational colors of Millennials and Gen Z, who are most of my clients.

Voiceover Branding Colors

Here is a great overview of Generational Color preferences from Webflow. For real world examples, the old Atlanta Thrashers hockey team colors are exactly the Boomer scheme shown in this article. Today, the new Savannah Ghost Pirates team, and the Dallas Stars, use the Electric Green that Gen Z likes. For my new branding, I am using two colors I love. First, Rich Dark Eggplant in place of a black base, which is on the Gen Z palette. Second, I use Antique Rose, which is a Millennial staple color. I am keeping a nice Boomer light blue but making it more in line with Millennial colors than corporate boomer shades. It’s funny to note that my favorite Millennial bands like MGTM and Tame Impala use the Gen Z palettes extensively and used them even before they had record deals!

Voiceover Tagline: Change Your Narrative

My voiceover branding keeps the tagline I started using in 2022 “Change Your Narrative”. This ties into the toggle logo, and the call to action for clients to make a choice to work with a trusted partner with new fresh perspectives for their voiceovers.

Lance Blair Change Your Narrative

What’s new is the font for “Change Your Narrative” is very close to my own handwriting. Also, it shares the same double-storey lowercase “a” in the “Lance Blair” with the bold Anton font. I prefer the double-storey “a” because it distinctive. It stands out from being a letter “o”, and historically through the centuries it was usually written that way. Yes, I’m a linguaphile, which is very much a part of my voiceover branding Personality. That’s why there is hand-written styled font and torn paper in my social media logos. I’m fluent only in English, but I know enough French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, and Swedish to have recorded and edited phrase sync voiceovers in those languages.

Thanks for reading, and please feel free to comment how you think your own branding, voice, and tagline supports your marketing goals; or, how you intend to refresh them.
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