Home Voice Over Studio

Home Voice Over Studio Acoustics and Equipment

Home Voice Over Studio Part One: The Set-Up Let’s keep this simple: you want to set up a home voice over studio with a low noise floor. Also, how to do you re-create the quality audio sound you have at professional studios in your home environment? Studios have a high-end production signal chain from your …

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Best eLearning Voiceover Recording Tips

Best eLearning Voice Over Recording Tips

Best eLearning Voice Over Recording Tips Today we are going to go over the best eLearning voice over recording tips covering these three areas: acoustics, equipment, and EQ processing. We will especially keep in mind how to handle longer programs over a half an hour in length. With such modules, one would want to use …

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American Voiceover in Poland

Learning Polish for my Clients in Poland I work with voice over studios around the world, but one of my favorite jobs is recording as an American Voiceover in Poland, or as they say “Amerykański lektor w Polsce”. No, I didn’t look that up with an auto translator. I’ve been learning Polish since the start …

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Voice Over for Toys

Toy Commercial Voice Overs

Toy Commercial Voice Overs: A Different Audience! When producing my new commercial voice over demo, we didn’t target toy commercial voice overs. Sure, we wanted to make it lots of fun, humorous, and show my friendly-dad personality. But the concept was to sell toys for grown up kids,  but not toys for real kids. However, that’s what …

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Source-Connect for Voice Over

Source-Connect for Voice Over

I’m pleased to now offer to live directed sessions with Source-Connect for voice over. Robert Marshall, Co-Founder of the Source-Connect company, Source Elements, went above and beyond with a call to go through the set up, use, and features of this powerful ISDN replacement tool. While I use REAPER as my DAW, it is fully …

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E-Learning Voice Over Demos

E-Learning Voice Over Demos

Producing E-Learning Voice Over Demos If you run a search for “E-Learning Voice Over Demos Production or Producer” you probably won’t find what you’re looking for. Oh, there are all kinds of terrific producers for hire that help voice over talents develop sensational demo reels. However, they usually are for Commercial and Promo Demos that …

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Yamaha MG10XU for Voice Over

How Do You Playback Audio to Voice Over Clients?

Playing DAW Output Down the Line to Clients Voice Over Talent and some producers and directors ask me “How Do You Playback Audio to Voice Over Clients?” for remote recording sessions. Yamaha recently released their new small format audio mixers in the MG line. I’m pleased to report that my MGX10U is an all-in one …

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